What do you mean by ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’?
We will service your yard by removing dog doody, bagging it, and disposing of it in your trash receptacle. Please make sure all doody piles are accessible, by this we mean that the yard isn’t cluttered with items that would prevent us from picking up the doody, or that are hiding it from view. We don’t crawl under things, such as vehicles, but we will do our best to reach piles with our equipment. We have to be able to see it to scoop it! If you aren’t satisfied with the job we do, just call us and explain the problem and we will return to do the job to your satisfaction at no additional charge to you.

Why do you suggest we be home the first time you service our yard?
We have several reasons as follows:

  • We like to meet our customers, both owners and dogs, as well as any other pets that may be in the service area.
  • If we arrive and find there is an excessive amount of doody to collect, more than we anticipated from our phone conversation, we will quote you our ‘One Time/First Time ‘ clean up price prior to starting. If you are not home, we will try calling you, but if you are not reachable, we will have to leave and call you to reschedule at a later date.
  • You have the opportunity, to see the job we do and give us your feedback whether it’s to your satisfaction or not. We can make things right at that time and leave with a satisfied customer.

Do we have to leave our gate unlocked?

Your options are as follows:

  • Be home the day of service
  • Use one of our combination locks if the lock is on the outside of gate
  • Leave gate unlocked
  • Provide key to us (if the lock is on the outside)
  • We can call you approximately one hour before arriving, so that you can have someone there to let us in. We don’t allow anyone from Doody Round-Up to jump/climb fences!

What happens if we forget to give you access to our yard?
We will try calling you upon arrival, so it’s very important we have a good contact number. If we can’t reach you, due to the high price of gasoline, we will charge you the normal fee for the trip. We will contact you later to arrange your next service.

Why do you require a gated yard in order for you to provide service?
We have equipment we must use and it would not be appropriate to carry that through your home.

Can you give me an appointment time for service instead of just giving me a specific day?
No, we have found that it’s hard to predict traffic delays and often find new customers require more time than anticipated.

Can I schedule service on my choice of days?
We schedule our customers by area so we can minimize our travel costs and time. However, if you have a special situation, we will try to accommodate you.

How will we know if you’ve been here?
We will be there on the scheduled day unless you receive a phone call/email from us advising otherwise. Also, you will notice your yard is clean. If we get there and cannot service your yard for whatever reason, we will leave a door hanger advising you of the problem.

Can we leave our dog(s) in the yard while you service it?
Yes, we welcome your dog(s) in the area as long as they welcome us. If your dog(s) are territorial or aggressive and do not want us in the yard, then you need to keep them confined. Please remember to close off your doggie door. Also, some dogs who are normally friendly, may be aggressive when the owners are not present. In any case, if the dog(s) doesn’t want us in the yard, we will not service the yard and we will call you prior to leaving.

Can you service our yard if it’s wet?
We want to provide the best service possible, therefore, the yard should be dry. Please be sure not to water your yard one day prior to your scheduled service day. When we arrive, if sprinklers are on, or they come on during the service, we will not complete the service. Due to the high price of fuel, we will have to charge you for the visit. Also, if on the day of service dust or moderate to heavy rain storms occur we will need to reschedule, of course, at no charge to you.

Will you work holidays?
We will work most holidays, but customers will be notified in advance if we do close for any particular holiday.

Do you clean litter boxes?
We do not provide this service at this time.

What is your mailing address?
PO Box 6292, Glendale, AZ 85312