Prices based on average size yard of 1/4 acre or smaller Large yards and 4 or more dogs-pricing to be determined on site

Frequency One Dog Two Dogs Three Dogs Four or more Dogs
Once a Week $12 weekly $13 weekly $16 weekly Quote Only
Every other Week $17 EOW $18 EOW $21 EOW Quote Only
*Twice a Week $18 weekly $19 weekly $22 weekly Quote Only
  • First time/One time clean-up- $29 per half hour per technician

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Our guarantee is if we clean your yard, and for whatever reason you are not happy, we will come back and make it right. We ask that you reasonably maintain your yard so it’s possible for us to locate all the doody in one trip.

*Limited Area Only

We accept Cash, Check, PAYPAL and INTUIT for payment. Payment required day of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance.